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Technical Program

The Arctic Technology Conference is an international event focused on continuing innovative technologies and solutions needed for exploration and production of energy within the circum-Arctic. The ATC 2014 technical program includes senior industry executives and professionals who share knowledge and expertise on the challenges and successes encountered in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.

You won't want to miss the ideas and proven results shared in the various panel sessions, topical luncheons and oral sessions listed below offered throughout the conference. Click through the detailed technical program menu and make the most of your time at ATC 2014. You may also download a copy of the ATC Technical Program.

Plenary Session

09:00-12:30 | Grand Ballroom B
Co-Chairs: Han Tiebout and Brian Miller

09:00 Introductory Remarks
09:05 Opening Remarks: Ed Stokes, OTC Board of Directors
09:15 Richard Glenn, Executive Vice President of Lands and Natural Resources, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
09:30 Terry French, Minister of Innovation, Business and Rural Development of Newfoundland and Labrador
09:45 Jonathan S. Spaner, Captain, US Coast Guard
10:00 Lisa Murkowski, US Senator for Alaska
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 Konstantinos Makrygiannis, Senior Development and Operations Engineer, KUFPEC
11:15 Mead Treadwell, Lieutenant Governor of Alaska
11:30 Ray Gosine, Associate Vice-President (Research) and a Professor and J.I. Clark Chair in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University
11:45 Jan Vapaavuori, Minister of Economic Affairs, Finland
12:00 Question and Answer

Monday Topcical Luncheon # 1

12:45-13:55 | Room 320
Tickets are US $55

The Pursuit of Environmental Science in Support Arctic Offshore Exploration
A.  Michael Macrander
, Chief Scientist, Shell Alaska

Exploration for offshore oil and gas in the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf presents a suite of physical, environmental, social, and regulatory challenges that are unique in the industry. This presentation will provide an overview of the Alaskan Arctic environment and social setting. The regulatory requirements will be explored, as well as the special challenges of active global opposition to Arctic resource development.

The presentation will provide an overview of the Shell Arctic Science program and how it provides support to operations, regulatory affairs, and long term planning. Case studies will present specific examples of problem solving through application of an active science program.

Monday Topical Luncheon # 2

12:45-13:55 | Room 332
Tickets are US $55

Sirluaq 3-D— Beaufort Sea Marine Seismic
Kevin Williams, Manager of Exploration Operations, Chevron Canada Resources

As exploration pushes further into the Frontier areas, challenges escalate dramatically. Remote locations, lack of infrastructure and harsh weather are a few of the issues that must be recognized and addressed before embarking on an exploration project.

In the summer of 2012, Chevron Canada Resources acquired 3700 square kilometers of exploration 3D on EL 460 in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. Years of planning and preparation culminated in the most successful offshore seismic exploration effort ever undertaken in the Canadian arctic. A large, high resolution data set was acquired in a remote location in a very constricted time window. No safety incidents occurred and there was negligible impact on the environment.

Monday Afternoon

14:00-17:00 Technical Sessions

15:15-15:55  Refreshment Break

17:00-18:00  ATC on Ice Reception

17:15  Spotlight on Arctic Technology Awards Presentation

Ice Loads: Analytical and Model Testing I

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Co-Chairs: George Li and David Molyneux 

14:00 An Ice-Structure Interaction Model for Non-Simultaneous Ice Failure: B. Yu, D. G. Karr* (University of Michigan)
14:25 An Implementation of ISO 19906 Formulae for Ice Loads on Fixed Structures Within a Probabilistic Framework Using the Sea Ice Loads Software: M. Fuglem, M. Richard, A. King (C-CORE)
14:50 Numerical Simulations of Ice Loads on an Arctic Floater in Managed Ice: T. H. Amdahl, B. E. Bjørnsen, S. R. Søberg, O. J. Hagen (Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS)
15:15 Refreshment Break
15:55 The Development of Ice Ridge Keel Strengths: E. Bailey1, J. Bruce1, A. Derradji2, M. Lau2 (1. C-CORE; 2. National Research Council)
16:20 Quantile Regression - A Statisticians Approach to the Local Ice Pressure-Area Relationship: T. Morrison, P. Spencer (Ausenco)
16:45 Quantile Regression Applied to the Global and Local Pressure Trends in ISO 19906: P. Spencer, T. Morrison (Ausenco)

Panel: Arctic Core Capabilities

Location: Grand Ballroom B

Moderator: Skip Ward

  • Mike Paulin, Operations Director, INTECSEA, Global Subsector Leader-Arctic Worley Parsons — Arctic Pipelines
  • Peter Noble, Advisor, Noble Associates LLC — Arctic Offshore Drilling
  • Don Connelly, Marine Operations, Chevron Arctic Center — Marine Operations in Arctic Waters
  • Graham Thomas, Principal, AN Thomas Consulting Limited — Fixed Structures in Ice Environments

ICE Properties and Metocean I

Location: Grand Ballroom C

Co-Chairs: Thomas Krzewinski and Arto Uuskallio

14:00 Sea Ice Thickness Surveying with Airborne EM - Grounded Ridges and Ice Shear Zones Near Barrow, Alaska: S. Hendricks2, P. Hunkeler1, H. Eicken3, A. Mahoney3, T. Krumpen2, L. Rabenstein*2 (1. Alfred Wegener Institute; 2. Drift & Noise GmbH i.G.; 3. University Alaska)
14:25 The Role of RADARSAT-2 SAR Data for Ice Seismic Operations: G. Staples1, R. Pierce2, B. Rabus1 (1. MDA; 2. Ion Geophysical)
14:50 Case Study of the September 2012 Anchorage Windstorm: A. J. Artzer, M. Barnett, J. Basciani (ImpactWeather, Inc.)
15:15 Refreshment Break
15:55 Autonomous Surface Vehicles for Arctic Data Collection: B. S. Anderson, A. Kleiner (C&C Technologies/ASV Services Division)
16:20 Met-Ocean Services by FMI for Ice Management and Shipping in Ice: S. Majaniemi, P. Eriksson*, M. Lensu, J. Karvonen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

Production Facilities and Structures I

Location: Room 310

Co-Chairs: Chris Knudsen and Medhi Kharrazi

14:00 A Disconnectable Dry Tree Semisubmersible Design Exposed to Iceberg and Harsh Environment: A. M. Mansour, M. Dib, J. James, D. Kumar (INTECSEA, Worleyparsons Group)
14:25 Arctic Offshore Islands - Lessons Learned: K. Hewitt (Chevron Arctic Center)
14:50 GBS LNG Solution for Shallow Arctic Regions: J. Raven1, J. Maughan*1, E. PinnerodM. Egge2(1. KBR; 2. Kvaerner)
15:15 Refreshment Break
15:55 Steel/Concrete Composite Ice Walls for Arctic Offshore Structures: M. Wernli, M. W. LaNier, K. Hjorteset (BergerABAM)
16:20 Dynamic Response of Submerged Buoys Disconnected at Large Vessel Offsets: V. Srivastava, J. Hallai, J. Huang, B. Campbell, D. Fenz, T. Kokkinis (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company)
16:45 Deep Floating Concrete Platform with Storage Facilities: J-D Advocaat, J.M. Munkeby, J. Jørgensen, M. Rioda, H.B. Østlund (Kvaerner)

Tuesday Morning

09:00-12:15  Technical Sessions

10:15-10:55  Refreshment Break

Ice Loads: Analytical and Model Testing II

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Co-Chairs: Walt Spring and Walter Kuehnlein

09:00 Best Practice in Ice Model Testing on Moored Floaters: P. Jochmann, K. Evers, A. Haase (The Hamburg Ship Model Basin, HSVA)Best Practice in Ice Model Testing on Moored Floaters: P. Jochmann, K. Evers, A. Haase (The Hamburg Ship Model Basin, HSVA)
09:25 Conical Structures in Ice: The Roles Friction, Slope and Shape Play: A. Barker, M. Sayed (National Research Council)
09:50 Influence of Wave-Induced Heave Motions of Icebergs on Risks to Subsea Equipment: M. Fuglem, F. Ralph (C-CORE)

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Chair: Tom Gee

11:00 Impact of Lubricating Materials on Arctic Subsea Production Systems: A. Akulichev, B. Thorkildsen (FMC Kongsberg)
11:25 Stations and Terminals Modeling for Risk and Reliability Assessment: J. L. Martinez Gonzalez1, I. Perez Taylor1, L. Martinez Gomez2, A. Garcia Hernandez3, E. M. Rodriguez Betancourt1 (1. Pemex; 2. Corrosion & Protection; 3. Southwest Research Institute)

Arctic Trailblazers

Location: Grand Ballroom B

Moderator: Gus Cammaert

  • Richard Glenn, Executive Vice President of Lands and Natural Resources, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation — Native Traditional Arctic Experience for Future Arctic Developments
  • David Dickins, Ice/Oil Spill Expert, Chevron Arctic Center — Emergency, Escape and Rescue (EER) Systems Experience in the Arctic
  • Brian Wright, Senior Ice/Concepts Advisor, Chevron Arctic Center — Floating Structures in Ice
  • Kevin Hewitt, Geotechnical/Ice, Chevron Arctic Center —  Application of Technology for Artificial Islands

Pipelines & Export (Pipeline Integrity Structure)

Location: Grand Ballroom C

Co-Chairs: John Bomba and Chris Knudsen

09:00 Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) - A Remote Non-Destructive Inspection Technology for Buried and Sub Sea Pipelines: I. Kolesnikov (Transkor Group Inc)
09:25 Countermeasures for Bending and Abrupt Uplift of a Full-scale Test Chilled Gas Pipeline Observed at Boundary Between Frozen Ground and Talik: S. Akagawa (Cryosphere Engineering Laboratory)

Regional and Social Development

Location: Grand Ballroom C

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Young and Kerry Fellers

11:00 Aboriginal Engagement and Development of Northern Projects: A. L. Reich, G. Bosgoed*, D. Willier, B. Collett (WorleyParsons)
11:25 Engaging with an Indigenous Arctic Population: Listening and Building Trust from the Ground Up: E. Ede (Statoil)

Production Facilities and Structures II

Location: Room 310

Co-Chairs: Mehdi Kharrazi and Han Yu

09:00 Fixed Platforms Development Challenges in Ice Infested Arctic: R. Eie, G. Rognaas (Kvaerner)
09:25 Ice Breaking and Accumulation Around a Moored Structure: Ice Basin Tests and Numerical Simulations: B. Bonnemaire1, T. Lundamo1, N. Serré1, A. Fredriksen1, A. Jensen1, A. Gürtner2 (1. Multiconsult; 2. Statoil)
09:50 Station-Keeping in Ice – Normative Requirements and Informative Solutions: P. Liferov (Statoil ASA)
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 Arctic Mooring Systems - The Past, Present, and Future: C. T. Kwan1, J. Bond2, H. Yu2, A. Morandi3 (1. Kwan Engineering Services; 2. American Bureau of Shipping; 3. Global Maritime)
11:25 Feasibility of a Conical Piled Monopod in Multiyear Ice Environment Offshore Northern Alaska: R. Aurora (ConocoPhillips Company)

Drilling I

Location: Room 320

Co-Chairs: Carlos Salamanca and Robert Ziegler

09:00 Effective Monitoring of Auroral Electrojet Disturbances to Enable Accurate Wellbore Placement in the Arctic: B. Poedjono1, S. Maus2 (1. Schlumberger; 2. Magnetic Variations)
09:25 Temperature Modeling Used to Change Freeze Protection Procedures in North Slope Disposal Wells: L. Nofziger, A. Di Lullo, K. Hester (Eni)
09:50 Opportunities and Challenges for Arctic Oil and Gas Development: E. Stromquist1, R. Johnston1, D. Biette2 (1. The Eurasia Group; 2. The Wilson Center)
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 Experimental Set-Up for Testing Cement Sheath Integrity in Arctic Wells: A. Albawi2, M. Torsaeter*1, N. Opedal1, A. Stroisz1, T. Vrålstad1 (1. SINTEF Petroleum Research; 2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU))
11:25 Exploration Drilling with Riserless Dual Gradient Technology in Artic Waters: S. Sverre, C. Endresen, R. Rezk, G. Tingvoll, M. Thorkildsen (AGR)
11:50 New Fluid and Solids Control Management Equipment Onboard North Sea Rid Reduces Cuttings Waste Volume and Improves Arctic Related Challenges: T. Grelland, J. Vasshus (Cubility AS)

Oil Spill Response

Location: Room 332

Co-Chairs: Victoria Borje and Alan Allen

09:00 Arctic Pipeline Leak Detection Using Fiber Optic Cable Distributed Sensing Systems: P. Thodi (INTECSEA Canada)
09:25 Spectral Fluorescence/Reflectance Optical Sensor Systems for Arctic Oil Spill Detection and Mapping: D. A. Richter1, G. Mooradian1, E. Marttila1, M. Solonenko1, E. Saade2 (1. QinetiQ North America; 2. Fugro EarthData, Inc.)
09:50 Advancing Oil Spill Response in the Arctic: J. V. Mullin (OGP)
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 Technological Development in Oil Recovery in Ice Conditions: G. W. Wilkman, A. Uuskallio, E. Ritari*, M. K. Niini (Aker Arctic Technology Inc.)
11:25 Innovative Solutions for Arctic Oil Spill Management: M. Kajosaari (Arctech Helsinki Shipyard)

Tuesday Afternoon Technical Sessions

14:00-17:00 | Technical Sessions

15:15-15:55 | Refreshment Break

17:00-18:00 | ATC on Ice Reception

ICE Properties and Metocean II

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Co-Chairs: Walt Spring and Walter Kuehnlein

14:00 NE Greenland Ice Study Group and Recent Project Work: B. Wright1, J. Hammeken-Holm2, S. Robertson1, V. Renganathan1 (1. Chevron Arctic Center; 2. Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum)
14:25 The Identification of Extreme Ice Features in Satellite Imagery: D. Power, I. Zakharov, P. Bobby (C-CORE)
14:50 Characterization of Hazardous Ice Using Spaceborne SAR and Ice Profiling Sonar: Preliminary Results: K. Ersahin, E. Ross, L. N. Brown, K. Borg, D. Fissel, G. Borstad, T. Mudge (ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.)
15:15 Refreshment Break
15:55 The Sensitivity of Ice Keel Statistics to Upward Looking Sonar Ice Draft Processing Methods: E. Ross1, O. Ekeberg2, D. Fissel1, T. Mudge1, A. Kanwar1, D. Sadowy1 (1. ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.; 2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Arctic Past Projects Panel

Location:Grand Ballroom B

Moderators: John Bomba and Norm Carnahan

  • Alan Duguid, Drilling and Completions Lead Amauligak Project, ConocoPhillips — Planning and Execution of Drilling Projects in the Canadian Arctic Islands
  • Bill Scott, Manager, Arctic Center, Chevron Canada Limited — Drilling in Offshore Canada
  • Edward Saade, Regional Director FugroSurvey Division Americas Region — Arctic Sea-Ice Management Studies via Airborne Remote Sensing, Pt Barrow, Alaska
  • R.J. Brown, Director, R.J. Brown Deepwater, a Technip Company — Execution of an Arctic Pipeline Project

Pipelines & Export (Ice Scour)

Grand Ballroom C

Co-Chairs: Anne Barker and Rocky Taylor

14:00 Highly Effective Sub-Arctic Pipeline Routing Evaluations Enabled by Spatial AHP: C. N. White1, M. Paulin*1, A. Palejwala1, K. Mower2 (1. INTECSEA 2. WorleyParsons.)
14:25 Ice Scour Simulation Database: Review and Knowledge Gap Analysis of Available Numerical Models: M. H. Babaei, D. Sudom (National Research Council Canada)
14:50 A Database on Physical Simulations of Seabed Gouging by Ice Keels: Analysis and Critical Knowledge Gaps: P. D. Barrette1, D. Sudom2 (1. Consultant; 2. National Research Council Canada (NRC))
15:15 Refreshment Break
15:55 Ice Gouging Effect on Pipelines: P. Liferov1, H. Nes1, J. Asklund2, K. Shkhinek3 (1. Statoil ASA; 2. Simulia Scandinavia; 3. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University)
16:20 Trenching of Pipelines for Protection in Ice Environments: M. Paulin, J. Cocker, D. DeGeer (INTECSEA)
16:45 Arctic Offshore Pipeline Design and Installation Challenges: M. Paulin, D. DeGeer, G. Lanan (INTECSEA)

Emergency, Escape and Rescue (EER)

Location: Room 310

Co-Chairs: Wayne Hamilton and Claude Brancart

14:00 Peak Ice Loads on a Lifeboat in Pack Ice Conditions: A. Kennedy1, A. J. Simoes Re*1, B. Veitch2 (1. National Research Council; 2. Memorial University of Newfoundland)
14:25 Accidents and Emergency Response in the Arctic Sea: S. Basharat1, K. Øien2 (1. Aker Solutions MMO AS; 2. SINTEF)
14:50 Operability of Lifeboats in Pack Ice: Coxswains' Skill and Design Factors: R. Billard1, B. Veitch2, S. MacKinnon2, A. J. Simoes Re3 (1. Virtual Marine Technology Inc; 2. Memorial University; 3. National Research Council)
15:15 Refreshment Break
15:55 Arctic Resources Preparation and Planning: P. Benedict (BT Holdings)
16:20 ARKTOS Shear Zone Evacuation Craft Self-Righting Model Tests: T. A. Hall1, M. Kharrazi2, B. Seligman3 (1. Hall Marine Design Ltd.; 2. Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.; 3. ARKTOS Developments Ltd.)

Drilling II

Location: Room 320

Co-Chairs: Chengwu Yuan and Robert Ziegler

14:00 A New Jack-up Unit Concept to Extend the Arctic Drilling Season: A. Nandan, S. Imtiaz, S. Butt (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
14:25 Control of Bottom Hole in Managed Pressure Drilling Using IMC Controller: M. Urycheva, O. Gudmestad* (University of Stavanger)
14:50 Drilling-with-Casing System Continues Successful Drilling of Permafrost Sections in Arctic Circle of Western Siberia (Russian Federation): G. Valiyev, D. Priymachenko, S. Beattie, S. Kulikov (Weatherford)

Codes and Standards

Location: Room 320

Co-Chairs: James Bond and Abdel Ghoneim

15:55 Arctic Operations Handbook JIP: E. Wiersema1, F. Lange2, G. Cammaert4, F. Sliggers4, W. Jolles5, C. van der Nat3 (1. Heerema Marine Contractors; 2. Shell; 3. Bluewater Energy Services BV; 4. TU Delft; 5. Canatec Associates International Ltd.)
16:20 Design Method for ISO 19906 Arctic Offshore Structures: G. A. Thomas (Graham A N Thomas Consulting Limited)

Geology and Geophysics

Room 332

Co-Chairs: Michael Enachescu and Bill Goodway

14:00 Innovative Seismic Acquisition Techniques Improve Data Quality on Alaska's North Slope: O. Winter, P. Maxwell, R. Schmid, H. Watt, E. Bathellier*(CGG)
14:25 Application of Ground Penetrating RADAR for Profiling and Bathymetric Survey of Shallow Frozen Lakes: R. Cross, W. J. Lee, R. Poeckert (TerraSond Limited), Presented by S. Callihan
14:50 Simultaneous Dual Vessel Marine 3-D Seismic Acquisition in Baffin Bay, Greenland: M. Makhorin1, F. Smit2, D. St. Peter1, T. Williams3, P. Fontana1 (1. Polarcus; 2. Shell Global Solutions International; 3. ION GX Technologies)
15:15 Refreshment Break
15:55 Broad-Band Source Signature Modelling to Assess the Environmental Impact of Seismic Exploration in Vulnerable Regions: J. F. Wisløff, A. V. Goertz*, J. Ali (PGS Geophysical AS)

Wednesday Morning Technical Sessions

09:00-12:15 | Technical Sessions

10:15-10:55 | Refreshment Break

Ice Loads: An alytical and Model Testing III

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Co-Chairs: Roger Cordes and Michael Coyne

09:00 Ice Load Estimation Methods for LNG Jetty Design in Various Ice-Structure Interactive Conditions: N. Nakazawa1, T. Terashima2 (1. Systems Engineering Associates, Inc.; 2. Kumashiro System Frontier Co., Ltd.)
09:25 Ice Load Calculation for Arctic Structures and Pipelines Using 3-D Dynamic Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis: N. O. Akinci1, Q. Lu1, A. Sari1, S. Wang2 (1. Atkins; 2. Bechtel)
09:50 Global and Local Iceberg Loads for an Arctic Floater: I. Jordaan1, P. Stuckey2, P. Liferov3, F. Ralph2 (1. CroasdaleJordaan Research Inc.; 2. C-CORE; 3. Statoil ASA)
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 First Year Ice Rubble: Shear Resistance and Rock Berm Interaction: R. Phillips, R. McAffee, J. Barrett (C-CORE)
11:25 Gaps in Knowledge and Analysis Technology of Ice-Gouge-Pipeline Interaction: A. Eltaher (MCS Kenny)
11:50 Methodology for Combined Local and Global Ice Pressure Estimation Based on a Probabilistic Model of High Pressure Zone Behaviour Derived from Field Data: R. S. Taylor, M. Richard (C-CORE)

Panel: Global Energy Outlook—Shaping the Future!

Location: Grand Ballroom B

Moderators: Kerry Fellers and Jim Malachowski

09:15 Edward Richardson, Analyst, Infield — Offshore Opportunities, Challenges and Key Market Drivers
09:30 G. Abdel Ghoneim, Engineering Manager Oil and Gas Americas, ATKINS — Arctic Development Forecast — A Viewpoint
09:45 Konstantinos Makrygiannis, Senior Development and Operations Engineer, KUFPEC — Arctic E&P Developments — Norwegian Continental Shelf 
10:00 Catherine Jahre-Nilsen, Arctic Portfolio and Technology Manager, Statoil Arctic Unit, Statoil — Going North — Statoil's View of the Arctic
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 Darrin Willhauer, Global Product Line Director, Baker Hughes — Outlook for Intelligent Completions in the Arctic
11:15 Tim Crome, Director Sales & Business Development, TechnipArctic Outlook — A Service Company Perspective
11:30 Panel Discussion

Ice Management and Navigation

Location: Grand Ballroom C

Co-Chairs: David Molyneux and Alain Wassink

09:00 A Tactical Ice Management Simulation Methodology and Approach: B. Wright1, R. McKenna2, R. P. Browne1 (1. Chevron Arctic Center; 2. R.F. McKenna Associates)
09:25 The Question of Pack Ice Management and Some Associated Realities: R. P. Browne, B. Wright, D. Connelly (Chevron Arctic Center)
09:50 Design of a Toolkit to Support Ice/Iceberg Surveillance and Advisory Work for Offshore Petroleum Operations: S. Tiffin (Canatec)
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 Dynamic Routing through Waters Partially Covered with Sea Ice: P. Schütz (DNV Research & Innovation)
11:25 A NRT Approach to Accurate Ice Edge Information: A. Debien, P. Whitaker (Kongsberg Satellite Services)

Autonomous Vehicles (Air, Land and Subsea)

Location: Room 310

Co-Chairs: Tom Gee and Claude Brancart

09:00 Sabertooth a Seafloor Resident Hybrid AUV / ROV System for Long Term Deployment: C. Roper, J. Siesjo (Saab North America, Inc.)
09:25 Sea Ice Thickness Observed in Fram Strait: 1990-2011: E. Hansen (Multiconsult)
09:50 Arctic Relay Communications, Data Exchange and Enhancement Protocol (ARCDEEP) Through-Ice High Data Rate Optical Communication System: D. A. Richter1, G. Mooradian1, E. Marttila1, M. Solonenko1, E. Saade2 (1. QinetiQ North America; 2. Fugro EarthData, Inc.)
10:15 Refreshment Break
11:00 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Supporting Safe, Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Surveillance and Science Gathering Requirements in Hazardous Environments: M. Ziska (AeroVironment)
11:25 Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Oil and Gas Sector: W. Pearce (Ingrobotic Aviation)
11:50 Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Alaska Civil Reseach: K. Cunningham1, M. Hatfield1, R. Philemonoff2 (1. University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2. Tanadgsix Corp)

Wednesday Topical Luncheon # 1

12:30-13:45 | Room 320
Tickets are US $55

The Need for Relief Well Equivalency – An Industry and Stakeholder Perspective
Bill Scott General Manager, Chevron Arctic Center, Frank Pokiak, Chair, Inuvialuit Game Council, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, Canada

With the post Macondo move towards shorter duration well secure techniques, it is an appropriate time to get an industry and local stakeholder view of these developments from an Arctic perspective.

Frank Pokiak, Chair of the Inuvialuit Game Council (IGC), a key stakeholder in the Canadian Beaufort Sea and Bill Scott, General Manager of the Chevron Arctic Center, will outline their thoughts on this key issue in a frank and open forum that will provide attendees with a unique insight into both sides of this important discussion.

Wednesday Topical Luncheon #2

12:30-13:45 | Room 332
Tickets are US $55

The Arctic: Opening of a New Ocean – Implications for the Energy and Shipping and Offshore Sectors
Jostein Mykletun, Royal Norwegian Consulate General

The backdrop for the presentation is the dramatic changes taking place in the Arctic Region, most importantly the fast melting of the Arctic Ice Sheet, opening a new ocean.

Dr. Mykletun will address the implications for maritime transport, the exploration of offshore oil and gas, minerals, and the fishing industry. Coupled to these factors and processes, the presentation will include some wider geopolitical considerations pertaining to the global energy mix, climate outlook, and international trade.

Wednesday Afternoon

14:00-16:15 | Technical Sessions

15:15-15:25 | Break

Ice Loads & Numerical Simulation

Location: Grand Ballroom A

Co-Chairs: Roger Cordes and Abdel Ghoneim

14:00 Discrete Element Method Helps Determine Load Levels for Ice-Capable Jackups: S. Ji2, J. Liu*1, H. Yu1 (1. ABS; 2. Dalian University of Technology)
14:25 Full-Scale Trials and Numerical Modeling of Sea-Ice Management in the Greenland Sea: F. Scibilia, I. Metrikin, A. Gürtner, S. H. Teigen (Statoil ASA)
14:50 A New Ice Simulation Tool Using a Multi- Model Program: B. Roberts1, C. Septseault2, P. Béal*2, S. Le Yaouanq2, A. Dudal3 (1. Technip; 2. Cervval; 3. Bureau Veritas)
15:15 Break
15:25 Event Mechanics Simulations for Ice Engineering Applications: C. Daley (Memorial Univ.)
15:50 Numerical Simulations of Ice Forces on Moored and Dynamic-Positioned Drillships: M. Sayed1, I. Kubat1, B. Wright2, J. Millan3 (1. National Research Council; 2. B. Wright and Associates; 3. National Research Council)


Location: Grand Ballroom B

Co-Chairs: Albert Aalbers and Ed Wiersema

14:00 Aerial Reconnaissance in Support of Arctic Drilling Operations: Requirements, Potential Solutions and Challenges: V. Y. Garas Yanni1, A. Simms2, T. Lennox2, J. Hamilton1, J. Blunt1, T. Kokkinis1 (1. ExxonMobil URC; 2. LPS AVIA Consulting)
14:25 Cluster Development of the Barents and Kara Seas HC Mega Basins from the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago: Y. Efimov1, A. Zolotukhin1, O.T. Gudmestan2, K. Kornishin1 (1. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; 2. University of Stavanger)
14:50 Precise GNSS Positioning in Arctic Regions: K. de Jong, X. Liu, M. Goode, M. Stone (Fugro Intersite B.V.)
15:15 Break
15:25 DYPIC Project: Technological and Scientific Progress Opening New Perspectives: S. Kerkeni1, X. Dal Santo1, O. Doucy1, P. Jochmann2, A. Haase2, I. Metrikin3, S. Løset3, N. Jenssen4, T. Hals4, A. Gürtner5, P. Moslet6, S. Støle-Hentschel6 (1. DCNS-Research/Sirehna; 2. HSVA; 3. NTNU; 4. Kongsberg Maritime; 5. Statoil; 6. DNV)
15:50 Application of a Novel Cable and Pipeline Detection Method for the Arctic Environment: J. Nash (TerraSond Limited)

Ice Breakers

Location: Grand Ballroom C

Co-Chairs: Rod Allan

14:00 Results Using Azipod Propulsion in Ice Management Operation: S. Hanninen, T. Heideman, O. Toivanen (ABB Marine)
14:25 Increasing Role of Marine Support in the Arctic Offshore Exploration Drilling: A. Brovkin, D. Connelly, W. Scott (Chevron Arctic Center)
14:50 Next Generation to Break the Ice -The Oblique Icebreaker: A. Uuskallio, M. Hovilainen*, T. Romu (Aker Arctic Technology Inc.)
15:15 Break
15:25 On Full-scale Ship Performance Measurements: G. W. Wilkman, T. Heinonen, T. Leiviskä (Aker Arctic Technology Inc.)
15:50 Development of Icebreaking Ships: G. W. Wilkman, T. Mattsson (Aker Arctic Technology Inc.)

Logistics and Terminals

Location: Room 310

Co-Chairs: Wim Jolles and Markus Wernli

14:00 The MARENOR Project - Maritime Radio System Performances in the High North: B. Kvamstad (MARINTEK)
14:25 Requirements on Logistics to Tow Large Gravity Based Structures to the Chukchi and Beaufort Sea: M. Wernli1, K. L. FitzGerald2, K. Hjorteset1, M. W. LaNier1 (1. BergerABAM; 2. The Glosten Associates)
14:50 Managing Offshore Superstructure Icing: C. Ryerson (Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab)
15:25 Arctic Port - Relocatable: J. C. Lewis (JCLA Consulting Ltd.)