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The technical program for ATC is currently being selected and will be announced in April 2016. Abstracts were submitted under the following themes:

Theme 1: Geology and Geophysics - Arctic and Subarctic Basins

  • Basin Structure and Tectonics
  • Petroleum Systems and Resource Evaluations
  • Recent Exploration in Labrador Sea
  • Recent Exploration offshore Western Greenland
  • Recent Exploration in Barents Sea
  • Recent Exploration in Beaufort and Chukchi Sea
  • Geophysical Acquisition and Processing in Arctic Environments
  • Arctic Mineral Exploration and Production
  • Arctic Geoscience Research

Theme 2: Exploration and Production

  • Drilling
  • Drilling and Production Facilities and Structures
  • Pipelines and Export
  • Gas and Oil Processing
  • Flow Assurance
  • Offshore
    • Transition Zone
    • Season Extensions
  • Gas Hydrates
  • Shallow Gas
  • Operations
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

Theme 3: Physical Environment

  • Ice
    • Ice Management
    • Ice Barriers
    • Ice Load Prediction and Modeling
    • Measurement of Ice Properties
  • Met Ocean, Seismicity, Forecasting and Weather, Ice Predictions
  • Ice Roads
  • Climate Change

Theme 4: Logistics

  • Icebreakers and Ice-Worthy Vessels
  • Offshore Terminals
  • Active Ice Management
  • Arctic Navigation
  • Logistics and Resupply — Land, Sea and Air

Theme 5: Regulatory Environment and Social Responsibility

  • HSE (Health, Safety, Environment)
  • ERR (Emergency Escape and Rescue)
  • Oil Spill Prevention and Response
  • Codes and Standards
  • Legislation
  • Emissions and Discharges
  • Regional and Social Development in Frontier Areas

Exhibition Contacts

Terri Duncan

Technical Programs Coordinator
+1 918 560 2641

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